Design Coordination

Under Spanish law, if you carry out a significant structural project or modify facades, a Spanish registered architect will be required. As the ‘promotor’ of the project, you will be requested to provide two formal ‘project’ documents as well as providing health and safety documentation. You will also be required to pay architectural fees and local taxes and the projects will have to comply with local and regional planning laws as well as building regulations.

Do not be tempted to carry out major works without licences and appropriate council approvals. Although you may get away with this in the short term, you will often be left with major problems such as defective works and planning or legal difficulties, which may not arise until you wish to sell the property.

Design Team Appointment

Marow Chartered Surveyors can effectively manage the design phase of your project, including the selection of appropriate Spanish registered design professionals to suit your project. Although we do not employ architects directly, we can help you to assemble the right team of professionals to suit the needs of the project and to achieve the successful completion of your development or refurbishment.

Project Documentation and Building Licences

As design coordinator we can also assist you with your concept design in order to ensure that your requirements are correctly interpreted in the design documentation, which will of course be presented to the respective authorities in Spanish. This can be particularly important in relation to the Specification documentation.

Marow Chartered Surveyors are able to provide detailed design drawings and specifications in conjunction with our collaborating partners. We can assist our clients with the translation of any property related technical document such as drawings, specifications, surveys or official building licences. For most people the prospect of dealing with such documents in a foreign language can be daunting, and based on our extensive experience, should not be under-estimated.

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