Foreign investment on the rise in Valencia.

According to the official statistics from the Consejo General del Notariado (the Notaries are the government officials required to witness each property transaction) there has been an increase of almost 12% in the purchase of residential properties by foreign nationals in the second quarter of the year in Spain. Leading the way are the usual suspects, with British investors responsible for more than 16% of these purchases, followed by French, Russian and German investors.

In the Comunidad Valenciana, comprising the regions of Valencia, Alicante and Castellon, purchases of residential property by foreign investors has reached record levels – not in terms of the total number of purchases but in terms of the proportion of residential purchases by foreigners. For the first time, foreign investors made up almost 18% of the total number of residential purchases in the region.

It is too early to say whether this trend will continue or whether this is a statistical blip. However, this seems to support the general sentiment of local property professionals that foreign investors are returning in numbers and they have Valencia set  firmly in their sights.

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